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for information about myself Ecstatic Unfoldment and Applied Psychology for Yogis.  I aim to inspire teachers and students alike towards greater safety, trust and the discovery of their own truth.  Here you will find a varied and potent curricuum available both online and live with a growing global group of yoga teachers and practitioners, tearing down the pedestals of false gurus, finding their inner teacher, and becoming more skilled at the art of teaching yoga and being themselves. 


ToEing the Line:

Embodied Contemporary Ethics for Yogis

Aren't you kind of tired of the preaching of the teachings and no real embodied ethics to back it up?

I spend much of my time helping yoga teachers sift through the shit and the shame, the questions and the longings, so that they can come to a sense of peace and integrity from the inside out. The congruence is palpable when they are then faced with ethical problems.

I want to reinvent and reinvest in ethics and yoga. Together we can enliven the teachings of the Yamas and the Niyamas and lean into our own bodies for a sense of right and wrong. Combining these ancient teachings with our bodies inherent yes and no along with the boundaries from the therapeutic model of Somatic Psychotherapy we can do this. 

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