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Ecstatic Unfoldment is a pathway of embodiment, dignity and adult spirituality.

Doorways in are yoga, movement, psychotherapy, nature and creativity. 

We know that yoga and being inside a body is not always the easiest path. It is in fact, perhaps one of the slowest, most rigorous ways to cultivate the Soul. Hence the word unfoldment. We are always in a process of unfolding, changing, growing, experiencing, reshaping. This process-the constant expansion and change into all the nooks and crannies of ourselves and the traverse across the vast expanses of ourselves-is unfoldment.  

Consider for a moment how mystical poetry and art express the sublime. These depictions found in carved, painted and written art are manifold. Including pleasure, pain, longing, ecstasy. Rarely do you see only the happy shiny face of the divine in these depictions. It is the aching mess and delight all at once.

We might call this ecstasy.

Yoga, Somatics, Creativity and the Natural world are doorways to this ecstasy. They help us come alive from the inside and they help us contact the soul within and the spirit all around us. These practices help us to meet, greet and ultimately befriend the many faces of our inner and outer world. 

We welcome you here. We encourage you home. We invite you into how yoga, movement, inner inquiry and wilderness experiences may inspire and inform your ever-unfolding path.

This is a place to have a body. This is a place to feel your heart. This is a place to be human.  

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Latest Writings

The Ecstatic Unfoldment Manifesto

I believe in the power of the human psyche to heal itself through movement. 

I believe in the magic and honesty of authentic deep yoga practice.

I believe in the power of sweat and tears.

I am most interested in humanness--mine and yours--and how we can each derive, cultivate, and offer our own healing medicine for the planet.

I believe the human spirit is meant to be wild and free and I aim to re-wild the body, mind, and heart through the practices of yoga, dance, and authentic connection with others and the natural world.

To continually show up is an aim not to be taken lightly or for granted.

And so we practice…in ecstasy.