Emotional Awareness Tip: No One Gets A Pass.

Do not pass go. 
Do not collect $200.
No, you do not get a pass. 

Everyone needs to do their own work. 
Everyone needs to be held accountable. 
Everyone needs to hold themselves accountable and do their work. 

And it is the job of the community and those intimate in our sphere to keep helping us know where the work is.

And this is especially true for leaders and teachers. 

If you are in a system of yoga or in a relationship with a teacher where you cannot refute them, where they are not accountable to the same tough standards as you, this is a problem. 

For everyone. 

Leaders and teachers, what systems of accountability do you have in place for your privacy, growth, and reflection of shadow.

Students, what skills are you harnessing that are helping you grow up and individuate into your own authority?

I believe in us. 


Livia ShapiroComment