Real Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend

In the mine of your soul 
Is a gem 
Hiding in plain site.

Some say, go in and find it. 
And others say, go out to realize it.
Still some say wait for it to be revealed. 
And of course some say, no matter, no gem is there at all.

But in my experience, with out much of my own doing,
Life itself--chance--is the very thing 
That detonates the explosion in the sacred mine. 
Igniting a stream of cataclysmic events

From which you are left breathless. 
Obfuscated from your previous life.

But for the first time full of choice.

You can see the rubble 
As something burying you alive. 
Always living with the weight of chips on your shoulders. 
Always pushing the bricks away 
To get a mere glimpse 
Of the life you should be living.

Or you can see the rubble,
More as needed to sift and sort.
You can engage the crisis of your path forward. 
And its getting out, 
The very act making you a diamond.

I hope you always choose the crisis. 
Becoming the never before seen thing. 
That was hiding in plain site.


Livia ShapiroComment