What is Freedom Anyway?

Is it having the power to do what you will any time you like?
Is it not caring other people think of you?
Is it having enough money to give back to charity and send your kids easily to college?
Is it being out of debt?
Is it owning a boat?
Is it knowing you don't need your spouse but that you choose them every day?
Is it traveling the world, with your possessions pared down to a backpack?
Is it not having kids?
It is it living alone?
Is it being emancipated from your parents?
Is it being off the digital grid and grind?
Is it letting yourself take and claim liberties in your relationship without permission?

Really, I ask, what is our freedom anyway?

Maybe it is the bonds of lineage that tether us to living in a body?
Perhaps it's the awe that comes through expressing ourselves through soma not just words.
Maybe it is the exquisite bondage of our children, our partners, our love?
Maybe it is the accountability of community holding us through the ever expanding web.
Perhaps after all, freedom is the inner knowing that your are deeply okay no matter what. That indeed there is a place inside you that is always radiant, full and free.
Maybe freedom comes through being bound, wound, and placed in your particular place in life's web. Maybe its your responsibilities that allow you to feel the freedom of being only and utterly yourself.

To the bonds the keep us loving and living. The exquisite bondage of this life.
To your beloveds and accounts.


Livia ShapiroComment