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for information about myself Ecstatic Unfoldment and Applied Psychology for Yogis.  I aim to inspire teachers and students alike towards greater safety, trust and the discovery of their own truth.  Here you will find a varied and potent curricuum available both online and live with a growing global group of yoga teachers and practitioners, tearing down the pedestals of false gurus, finding their inner teacher, and becoming more skilled at the art of teaching yoga and being themselves. 

Happening now:


Dirty Little Secrets: 

the dark side of yoga, enlightened living, and living in the Light

this years theme: body image and images of embodiment

Somewhere along the path of practice we discover its not all rainbow and unicorns “out there” or “in here”. We see the limitations of a yoga practice. We get injured. We get hurt. We get a broken heart. We become jaded. We get angry. We loose faith.  We act out. We ignore. We pretend. We come up with great strategies of non-resolution. We become part of a yoga culture for better and for worse.

How exactly do we carry on once we have seen a glimmer (or a tsunami) of the Shadow in our yoga and ourselves?



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