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for information about myself Ecstatic Unfoldment and Applied Psychology for Yogis.  I aim to inspire teachers and students alike towards greater safety, trust and the discovery of their own truth.  Here you will find a varied and potent curricuum available both online and live with a growing global group of yoga teachers and practitioners, tearing down the pedestals of false gurus, finding their inner teacher, and becoming more skilled at the art of teaching yoga and being themselves. 



Begins October 4th 2016

This is the Jedi training you didn't receive in your average teacher training.

Proficiency in asana and inspirational speech are not the only skills of effective yoga teachers. The great yoga teacher has a breadth of wisdom from inside their own skin that emanates because of its inherent truth. The amazing yoga teacher is true to their word, honest and honors their personal experience while facilitating the varied experiences of their students. The magnificent yoga teacher provides a safe space for students at every level- physically, emotionally and psychologically. 



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