You've reached the home of Livia Cohen-Shapiro Yoga and Applied Psychology for Yogis. Livia is a pioneer in the intersection of yoga and psychology. She is known for weaving yogic teachings with somatic psychotherapy in clear and meaningful ways that inspire teachers and students alike towards greater safety, trust and the discovery of their own truth. A scholar-practioner, her passion for learning is infectious and her methods of teaching straddle old school lectures and new school experiential models. Livia mentors and facilitates the psychological/social/emotional awareness and development of teachers and committed yoga students around the world through potent webinars, recorded lectures, teacher training modules, and live/in-person programs.

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The Psychologically Sound Yoga Class Room

Whether you are new to teaching yoga or an expert in the field, this course will serve you on your path. Set the style of yoga you teach aside. The psychotherapeutic tools and somatic psychology principles offered here will serve you in teaching classes that transform and educate in combination with all styles of yoga. 

Our time together will address all areas of the yoga classroom: set up, accessibility and equity, teacher student relationships, adjustments, demos, verbal and non verbal contact, the purpose of theming and potential use of music. 



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