Emotional Awareness Tip: Cut the FOMO

~ ~ ~

Hurry, don't miss this chance. 
Hurry, get your healing today before the door closes on your happiness.
Hurry, don't miss your opportunity to become awesome. 
Hurry, get your Self while you can. 
Feeling horrible, pain and suffering?THIS will fix you. THIS will be the answer.

This, out here, this product, this service, this experience is. The. One.

But hurry before it scurries off and you explode. 

O bla bla bla. 

I call bullshit on our industry for capitalizing and perpetuating on the psychological tenderness of humans. 

We all want to fit in. We all want to be whole. We all want to contact our unique Self. 

What the world needs is less FOMO (fear of missing out) and more patience. We need less grandiose claims and more attainable success steps. Last time I checked in, I saw that the road was slow and arduous and all fast tickets were false idols.

I want us to be real about what we can and can't do. What kind of business we are actually open for. We do not need to make false and fancy promises we can barely complete and live up to. We have nothing to prove. Only that unique offering that comes from the direct experience of your hard earned learning. We do not need to make our current or potential students/clients feel guilty, bad, afraid or ashamed about what they think they lack or the holes and leaks in their systems they are trying to heal. There's enough suffering in the world as it is. Let's be real about what it takes. 

Yes, fads sell. 
But they sell because they are fads. 
The next quick fix to life's big-ass problems. 
But quick fix's never last very long. 

Let us honor our students, our clients, our colleagues and ourselves by simply refusing to fuel the fire of collective urgency. Urgency is flashy, and it sells. But it is not ultimately sustainable. Urgency is what we do to survive under threat. It is not the system in thriving mode. 

Cut the crap and the false promises. 
Quiet the urgency as a selling tactic. 
So we can go another layer deeper. Into what we really want and are called to do. 
Decide and consume from there. 

Livia ShapiroComment