Just a Few Reminders...

Every body is a yoga body.
Any body can become acquainted with its inner terrain.
Sensation is the inner essence of any outer form.
You are the sovereign of your inner worlds sensory landscape. And if you have lost it, for whatever the reason, it is possible to reseat your thrown internally.

Any body is a beach body, a bathing suit ready body, a vacation ready body.
Any body is capable of High self regard, self appreciation and acceptance.
No one has the market share on your body's ability to enjoy life. And if you have lost that, for whatever reason, it is possible to reclaim your seat inside yourself. To carry your body along with your heart. To wear yourself well and beautifully. We call this Dignity. And it is yours for the resting into, no matter the hecklers and the haters. No matter the billboards and the ads. No matter the cultural norms.

It is our business to continue to demand appropriate representation of all bodies. While continuing to do the inner work of finding peace inside our skin regardless of the outer narratives around us. We are made by culture. But we also create culture.

Let's keep creating the culture we most desire.
One body at a time.


Livia ShapiroComment