Make Room

A call for us to better understand, accept, support, listen to and only then be able to transform female rage. 

Rage is wild, unpredictable, oceanic and consuming. 

But when it is whole and holy and in the right name of justice or protection or anything good and righteous you better get out of the way.

Female rage is one of the greatest gifts and forces we have within us to set the course right again.

My sisters, your rage is divine and holy to me. I will not look away. And in that reciprocity, the way the ocean meets the land, I will show you mine.

We will carve the rocks and land into more beautiful coastlines.

Do not fear your own power of holy rage. It’s time for a good housecleaning. Move the furniture. Send the kids out to the yard. Let’s let the waves come.


Livia ShapiroComment