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Courses for expanding and unfolding your practice, your teaching and your being.

Fall Semester 2014

Psycho-Social-Emotional Literacy for Yoga Teachers

September 2-November 6 2014 COHORT REGISTRATION CLOSED

This is the Jedi training you did not receive in your average yoga teacher training. This course will fill major gaps in traditional teacher trainings... specifically when it comes to psychological finesse.

In this program we will develop psychologically-sound teaching through 14 weeks of academic study, self inquiry and discussion. To learn more about the topics covered and registration for the Fall Session 2014 Cohort read more.


Dirty Little Secrets: the dark side of yoga, enlightened living and living in the Light

October 26-November 8 2014 COHORT REGISTRATION CLOSED

We often begin yoga as a way to turn towards the Light, the Goodness and the deeper understanding of who we are. Whether we begin in hopes of healing an injury of body, or a broken heart, or unsettled soul, we set out on this journey as a way to remember our wholeness, lighten our beings and feel Good in life and body.

And then…

Somewhere along the path of practice we discover its not all rainbow and unicorns “out there” or “in here”. We see the limitations of a yoga practice. We get injured. We get hurt. We get a broken heart. We become jaded. We get angry. We loose faith.  We act out. We ignore. We pretend. We come up with great strategies of non-resolution. We become part of a yoga culture for better and for worse. 

So what do we do with all THAT?

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Winter Session 2015

The Psychologically Sound Yoga Classroom

January 20th-February March 3 2015  COHORT REGISTRATION OPEN

Livia has taken the very best and most poignant principles of Somatic Psychology and Counseling and infused them into rich yoga classes filled with meaning, healing and education. Learn how to do this with your classes too. Together you will learn how to foster a safe container for all students, how to utilize yourself as the greatest tool in class, how to make your demos land for life, how to create repair with students, how to support the teacher-student dyad, protocol for healthy assisting, how to create more room for your students experiences. 

To learn more about the course topics, schedule and details and to register for the Winter Session 2015 Cohort click here.

Spring Semester 2015

Embodied Psychology for Yogis


This course gives you all the terminology and applications to understand and make use of the behind-the-scenes processes happening all the time in your classes, in your students, and in you. Join us as we raise the bar of the yoga teaching industry and grow modern yoga. Think of this as the Yoga Psychology 101 that every western yoga teacher should have under their belt. 

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Summer Session 2015


How To Keep Your Shit Together: and help everyone along the way

It is said that in our modern age "we are all in shock". We do not always know who and with what trauma story someone might walk into our class. Rather than being afraid, we can simply take this as opportunity to educate ourselves as teachers. We can build classes and teach in a "Psychologically Sound" way so that our class is for everyone, regardless of story. We can also continue to work through our own patterns and build new connections within our psyches and bodies to such a degree that our very presence in the classroom is a healing itself.

To read about the topics covered, questions answered, and course details for the Summer 2015 Cohort, please click here