Begins January 12th, 2016


Whether you are new to teaching yoga or an expert in the field, this course will serve you on your path. Set the style of yoga you teach aside. The psychotherapeutic tools and somatic psychology principles offered here will serve you in teaching classes that transform and educate in combination with any style of yoga. 

Our time together will address all areas of the yoga classroom: setup, accessibility and equity, teacher student relationships, adjustments and ethical use of touch, demos, verbal and nonverbal contact, the purpose of theming and potential use of music, personal presence and resourcing, attention and awareness skills. 

It is OK if you cannot attend the sessions live as everything is recorded. No late registration. Registration deadline is January 10th.

The tough questions and critical topics we will investigate include:

  • How do we convey the teachings of both traditional and contemporary yoga in ways that are accessible for the western psyche? 
  • How do we create healthy and safe containers for students to experience themselves and the yoga? How do we increase the likelihood that learning can actually happen in a psychologically safe way?
  • How do we handle dual relationships in an ethical way?
  • How do we use music well, effectively, and ethically if at all? 
  • How do we use ourselves as a teaching unto itself? 
  • How might we cultivate safety for ALL students. 
  • What is ethical touch? How do we use touch in our classes to heal and help and honor boundaries and self sufficiency.
  • How do we theme classes in non projective ways that still inspire.
  • How to create healthy contact with students.
  • How to handle projections, demystify the pedestal and the guru complex, and cultivate the self sufficiency of the student. 
  • How to make a kick ass demo without intimidating or ingratiating students.

The Nitty Gritty:

  • Tuesday and Thursday from 1-2:15pm MT
  • January 12th-February 4th, 2016 
  • Tuition: $280

What You Get:

  • 8 Live classes with Livia. 
  • Recordings of each class.
  • Readings and assignments to help augment your learning and apply the teachings immediately into your teaching, classes and studios.
  • A workbook of information to download and keep.
  • Ongoing online support via email and an online forum for discussion.
  • Handouts, learning tools, links, articles, videos and more as they are useful to the discussion and learning.


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