Podcast: Mom Shaming, The “Advice Police,” and Weathering Our Emotional Storms with Livia Cohen-Shapiro

Real. Honest. Vulnerable. Deeply personal, yet universal conversations about all aspects of motherhood: from grief and loss, health and post-baby body image, to sex and relationships. You name it, we’ll cover it! There are no off-limits taboo topics here. Whether you’re on your morning commute or strolling to the park, plug in your headphones and listen in. We are here to let you know that you are not alone. Welcome to Mama Love!


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~ ~ ~
Keep praying my friends. Keep reaching your roots down and your hearts and heads to the bright sun. Keep with the seasons and be moved. Keep moving as best you can. Keep getting agitated. Keep making change. Keep crying and letting the sorrow soften the soils. Keep laughing. Keep finding levity. Keep loving your beloveds and the ridiculous mess. Keep finding rest. Deep rest, on the rainy days and the quiet days. Keep finding your feet, and your precious heartbeat. Keeping updating your operating systems. Say yes to the next iteration of your life. 

Keep your heart close. 

We get lost and we get found.
This is the path of embodiment.
This is the path of Yoga. 


~ ~ ~ 


Another Note To Self ~ ~ ~ 

Like Love, Yoga is both profoundly simple and tediously complex. 

Like Love, Psychotherapeutic healing is both profoundly simply and tediously complex. 
And like both yoga and therapy, Love is built and grown in relationship. 

We are built to relate. Designed to love. Wired to survive through the ways we relate and love. 
Or withhold. 
There is no Life without relationships. 

Loving. Relating. Healing. 
These are not separate entities or isolated events. 

We all need a container for the good work. 
Build yours. 
Dive in. 
Because life is actually very simple. And also always exquisitely complex. 

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