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Kitchen Ecstasy: Morning Punch Smoothie

Most mornings I start my day with a big smoothie. I love that I get my greens easily and that it is a filling kick in the booty for the day. It is also easy to digest so it means I can get my long yoga practice in relatively soon following its consumption. Here is one of my favorites....

1 pear, 1 small package blueberries, 1/2 cucumber with skin removed, big heaping handful baby spinach, grated ginger to taste, 2 dashes cardamom, 2 tsp spirulina (or some kind of greens powder you like!), ice, water (less or more depending on desired thickness), pinch stevia if you need the sweetness.

Once all the ingredients are in your blender, blend for a minute or two and voila!

Happy sipping green lovers!