Applied Psychology for Yogis Teaching Tip: VIDEO

"Theming" classes has become common place in our yoga industry. A great theme can support students in learning asana. The poetic and mythic nature of a theme's expression stimulates the emotional centers of our brain. We actually learn really well this way. We remember what has meaning and so a theme that creates meaning linked with the movement being taught, creates some distinct and high voltage teachings.

Now, the peril of a theme includes, subtle covert manipulation, group think, and projection, just to name a few. Sometimes the best theme is no theme. Teaching asana is a rich skill. And is often enough.

And yet a theme can deepen our learning in beautiful ways. So, what to do?

This video will give you some insight into theming in a way the utilizes the way we think to support however we feel and teach asana.

Livia Shapiro1 Comment