Somatic Psychotherapy

What is Somatic Psychotherapy?

Somatic or Body Centered Psychotherapy employs your body as the primary resource for healing and the source for communicating what needs attention. Different than straight forward talk therapy, Somatic Psychotherapy allows room for your body to express itself in sessions not only through words, but through simple gestures, repetitive movements, yoga postures and breathing exercises, movement based exercises and more. Through conscious attunement body-to-body between the client and the therapist, repair of old relational wounds and pattern unfolds in organic and elegant ways through both the said and unsaid. Sometimes sessions involve plenty of talking. Sometimes sessions involve more movement. Many people report more solid and profound changes in their nervous systems and relationships than with talk therapy alone. Think of it as a space to put your whole self into the process of therapeutic work in an experiential way, rather than simply and always talking about the experience.


I use a trauma-informed, relational approach to client centered therapeutic work. Meaning, I bring a deep understanding of how trauma works and impacts ones whole being along with a spacious yet direct, clear and loving attitude to cultivate the working relationship between us so that healing and repair is most likely to occur. We work with through the body. Welcoming sensory awareness and tracking, movements and resourcing of your nervous system to support big psychological and emotional shifts. I bring in elements of yoga postural practice, breathing practices, meditation and philosophy.


Who is this work for?

I work with women, predominantly those with a previously established mind-body practice such as yoga, mediation, dance, chi-gong, tai-chi etc through all of life’s stages. I help with grief/loss, big life transitions, eating disorders, pre and post natal stages, miscarriage, abortion, sexual abuse and trauma, anxiety, PTSD, relational and early developmental trauma as well as spiritual emergence.


Sessions are 60 minutes. $110 per session.

Available locally in Boulder. Non local via Skype.

* Please note, I do not offer free consultations. During our initial session we will establish the right fit for your needs and I will happily provide ample resources/referrals if working together is not the right fit. *

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