Re Frame

I am not anxious. I am looking for ground.
I am not depressed. I feel the world deeply.
I am not hysterical. Its called pms. (Which by the way is not a Syndrome)
I am not sick. Its called menstruation.
I am not rage-full. I protect my pride. 
I am not distracted. Its called dreaming. 
I don't have low libido. Its called having rhythm and trusting That. 

Do not shame me blame me guilt me chastise me or make me into a victim needing saving. I am not an entity to be medicated.

I am not a prize or an anchor. 

You gave me mud, so I made bricks. 
You threw me straw, I spun gold.
You gave me ice, with it I built fire to melt it and bathe in the moonlight. 

You hope I'll never change. I know its all I will ever do.

Livia ShapiroComment