The Chicken Part Deux: The Recipe

A little bit ago I spoke about the importance of having a tried and true chicken recipe if you are a Good Jewish Girl. Well, I am not that “good” at being Jewish. But I am really good at making chicken. In fact, sometimes on friday evenings I telephone my mother and ask “So what time will your chicken be ready?”. Then we trade pictures on our iPhones. It usually takes her a while. Almost as long as the chicken takes to cook through. She is slow at the texting you see. So as the weather here in the great borough of Brooklyn has changed, I found myself in the middle of a Thursday no less, cooking my chicken. Here is the recipe. Oh, and like most Jewish Bubby’s I can not give you exact amounts of the spices. Because I honestly have no idea. I just through it all in there honestly. So here we go, The Chicken Part Deux: The Recipe.


In a big plastic bag that wont leek put…..

  • 1-2 pounds cut chicken breast
  • About 3 tbs olive oil
  • A Lot of Turmeric. 
  • About half that amount of Cumin
  • A little Salt
  • Generous Pepper
  • Some Paprika (I use smoked and not a ton, less than the Cumin)
  • About 3 lemons cut into wedges.
  • A ton of Garlic cut up. (this last time for about 2 pounds of chicken i used maybe 5 cloves)

Let all those mishmash marinate for a while…20 min to even two hours. I have also made it where I don't marinate. Its good. But not as good. 

Then using a very deep and wide pan, or a dutch oven or a Tagine even place all the bagged ingredients. Add to it:

  • A nice amount of cherry tomatoes
  • Two onions cut into chunks
  • Some Olives
  • (Sometimes I add Crimini mushrooms when I am feeling excited)

Cook on low heat for an hour. The tomatoes will eventually burst and help to create a nice sauce.

I serve it with either rice, roasted potatoes or a spicy roasted cauliflower. I also do a nice big salad with a Tahini dressing. 

So thats how its done. It is super easy. Very flavorful and is the food of my People. 




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