The Top 10 Phrases of 2012

The top 10 phrases I found myself saying while teaching yoga in 2012. There is no way I could order these because they are all so ridiculous. But yes, they came out of my mouth. Interestingly enough my class sizes doubled this year. Consolidating an army of yoga masochists perhaps? Na, we just had some serious good hardy fun, worked hard, and grew up, got real, and did YOGA. Personally I am looking forward to more crazy phrases in the year ahead as it unfolds (ecstatically of course). If yesterdays New Years Eve class I co taught with my yoga brothers is any indication, there certainly will be come good ones. Come to class. Maybe you will be blessed by my yelling too.

1. Iā€™ll tell it to you plane.

2. Look it

3. Um, so you are not really doing what I am saying.

3. You are supposed to struggle

5. Iron claw it

6. This shit be hard

7. No sissy pants lunges

8. Stretch everything

Debra Silverman-9103.jpg

9. Crank that

10. Is this working? Is this fun for you?

All in good spirit and love,


Livia ShapiroComment