Private yoga instruction and movement exploration is a beautiful way to expand your knowledge and your edges. My approach to private instruction is simple. I give you incredibly clear alignment cues that are tailored specifically to you. I pay attention to you, listen to you, support you and challenge you. Yoga is not a one-size fits all endeavor. So sometimes the individual work can be exactly what we need. Consider this avenue if you are looking to....

  • Are pregnant and have an established practice but are looking for specific pre-natal yoga technique and sequencing.

  • Build a solid and self-sufficient home practice

  • Integrate developmental movement and other somatic techniques into your practice.

  • Begin a satisfying movement practice.

  • Deepen your practice

  • Find more congruency between body, mind, heart and soul.

  • Rehabilitate a physical injury

  • Explore and rehabilitate the heart and soul through yoga, energetic alignment and counseling.


Nitty Gritty: 

TIME: Sessions are 75 minutes in length. 


AVAILABLE: In person locally or via Skype

POLICY: 24hr cancellation/rescheduling required.