Ecstatic Unfoldment Is..


A path of embodiment. A path of wholeness. A path of dignity.

Yoga is not the easiest path. It is in fact perhaps one of the slowest, most rigorous ways to cultivate yourself over time. It affords no tricks or shortcuts, but rather is the long road home.

Psychotherapy is also a critical piece to a spiritual and embodied life. To be whole, you need to face your own demons.  

Hence the word unfoldment. We are always in a process of unfolding, changing, growing, experiencing, reshaping. I call this process--the constant expansion into all the nooks and crannies of ourselves and the traverse across the vast expanses of ourselves--unfoldment.  

If you read poetry from the great mystics, or observe mystical and religious art of people having an experience of what is more supremely sublime than themselves you will see their expressions include pleasure, pain and everything in-between. Both Yoga and somatics help us to meet, greet and ultimately befriend the many faces of our inner and outer world with trust, honesty and truth. The human experience is multidimensional and for this reason I describe our very human act of yoga as ECSTATIC.


camat kurasana.jpg

The Ecstatic Unfoldment Manifesto

I believe in the power of the human psyche to heal itself through movement. 

I believe in the magic and honesty of authentic deep yoga practice.

I believe in the power of sweat and tears.

I am most interested in humanness--mine and yours--and how we can each derive, cultivate, and offer our own healing medicine for the planet.

I believe the human spirit is meant to be wild and free and I aim to re-wild the body, mind, and heart through the practices of yoga, dance, and authentic connection.

To continually show up is an aim not to be taken lightly or for granted.

And so we practice…in ecstasy.