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DENVER - Applied Psychology for Yogis Weekend
to Aug 24

DENVER - Applied Psychology for Yogis Weekend

Join Livia Cohen-Shapiro M.A for a groundbreaking training with three simple aims:

1) to share techniques that encourage the yogi’s personal embodiment process.
2) to educate and support teachers in creating empowering, emotionally/psychologically sound yoga classes.
3) to promote the growth and healing of modern yoga culture by looking directly at our own shadows and those of the yogaverse.



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NEW YORK - Shakti Yoga Public Embodied Psych Workshop
5:00 PM17:00

NEW YORK - Shakti Yoga Public Embodied Psych Workshop

In this three hour workshop, we will develop our personal relationships to our emotions and thoughts. We will unpack principles and techniques for building stable, emotional maturity in the yoga world, and address perils that arise when practicing yoga over a long period of time. In short, we will explore what to do when our emotions arise, egos flare and the demons show up. In the end, this work helps us become ever more grown up and responsible as yogis.

Topics covered include body-based practices to support yoga, techniques to investigate our emotions as they surface, basic neuroscience, and understanding of the nervous system as it applies to yoga. This workshop is for the yoga teacher, yoga teacher trainee currently enrolled in a teacher training, and invested students with a solid, committed practice.

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