NEW YORK - Embodied Psychology for Yogis

  • Church Ave Yoga and Bodywork Center 338 E 5th St. #2D Brooklyn, NY 11218

This intensive is an onsite version of one of Livia’s most popular webinars. It will give you all the terminology and applications to both understand and utilize the behind-the-scenes processes happening inherently in your classes, in your students, and in you. TOPICS INCLUDE: Decoding Your Practitioner Mind: (Witness , Oscillation, Ego, Shadow, Deflection, Retroflection, Confluence, Introject), Understanding the student mind: (Holding Environment, Contact, Fusion/Enmeshment, Individuation, Differentiation, Distress Tolerance, Projection, Projective Identification) Being a responsible teaching mind: (Scope of practice, Dual Relationship, Zone of proximal development, Mirror neurons, Transference , Counter Transference, Somatic Counter Transference, Empathy )

This training will give you a framework to understand the very human ways in which we show up to yoga. The Embodied Psychology manual/glossary will be shared with you as part of this course too. 

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