Somatic Psychotherapy and Mentoring for Mamas


I welcome you whole-heatedly at any stage of your mothering journey. Our work can include the full range of experiences in pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Whether you had an ecstatic birth or traumatic brith, this sacred time and space together is healing at the individual and collective level.

We can work together to support your ambivalence in pregnancy and mothering, repair birth and early attachment trauma, familial changes resulting from the motherhood transition, as well as behavioral patterns as a result of being a new mom.

I also provide spacious and ferociously loving support around miscarriages and abortion. 

No mama left behind is my motto here.

All work is rooted deeply in the awareness of the present moment through tracking sensations and "being with" whatever is arising. I pull from a variety of modalities but remain essentially rooted in the foundations of Somatic Psychology and Yoga. 

Mentoring Mamas in this realm can look like many things but one of my visions is helping mamas and families envision the first 40 days of their postnatal life. This is a delicate and potent time and needs to be tended with great care. I can help you sift through your needs and introjects to ask for the support you need. I am extremely passionate about the support of mothers post birth and I come alive sitting in the space around this topic with women and their families. These services are available here in Boulder and via Skpye and in certain circumstances I can come to the hospital or home after a birth.