Group MENTORING For established yoga teachers...

Who are looking for a layer of support held within community and expertise. This is an opportunity to receive support, guidance, brainstorming and teachings that enhance your current teaching. 

In the field of therapy and other professions too, exists what is known as Supervision and Group Supervision.

Hey, I have a supervisor!

(thank god)

This kind of work is intended to keep the work one engages clean by having not only support, but accountability. It is tough work to go at it alone day in and day out. The eyes, ears and intuition of peers along with someone holding a container makes sure we don't get run by our blind spots. If you are feeling burnt out in any way, like you have a ton on your plate, craving guidance but don't necessarily need one-on-one work or want to add a layer of professionalism to your teaching career, then I recommend this offering.

Each group is three or four people so that we have ample time to check-in, bring cases and topics and receive feedback from one another. I will train you in the way of Council as our format for supervision time. Training and coaching in both giving and receiving feedback constructively will also be provided. Most sessions will also incorporate a key teaching or theme to enhance your process.

Meetings with your group are monthly for about 90 minutes. The commitment is 5 months. A monthly 'subscription' of $50/month is charged for the duration. If you are interested in joining a group please email me