I Work With Yoga Teachers And Dedicated Yoga Students...


Let me tell you something. I learned to teach yoga the old-fashioned way. I learned it as an apprentice to a trade craft. I learned to teach by being closely guided and mentored.  Nowadays, this rarely happens. But I believe it still should.  

Let me tell you another thing. When I was ten years old I found myself on the couch of my first therapist. What I once felt as a stigma, turned out to be a great boon. 

Yogis need shrinks too. 

Your psychology, wounds and healing is not all that separate from your practice and teaching.  Asana's are not a cure all. Neither is Freudian free-association. 

Yoga is an art and a science both. It pulls at your heart and requires all of your participation. Teaching is a deeply personal and completely relational journey. We need each other deeply. I developed Somatic Therapeutic Mentoring as an avenue for the continued unfoldment of all yogis. It is born from my longings, my frustrations and what I know to be true on the path of wholeness. It is the synthesis of my somatic psychotherapy training, my body-centered and yoga-centric counseling practice, and my belief in support to grow the next generation of yoga educators.

Somatic Therapeutic Mentoring is for you if...


One:  You are a new yoga teachers needing guidance in your first few years of teaching.

When I was studying for my masters degree in Somatic Psychotherapy I was required to do a seven hundred hour internship at minimum, along with twice weekly supervision meetings. I have always been impressed by the many layers of guidance the world of psychology offers its new therapists. In fact, I believe that process of going to therapy yourself, practicing the facilitation of therapy and then talking about that symbiosis with a trusted and seasoned colleague/mentor made me the therapist I am today. Perhaps even more so than any of the theories I learned and read.  Think of it as being hand held a little bit, but not too tightly as you wade out into the sea of your yoga teaching profession, rather than being thrown to fend for yourself in the white capped ocean. Imagine if yoga teachers were able to experience a similar process--where their practice, their teaching and their process could be discussed, shared, guided and sanctified. That this process is not separate from the hard skill building of teaching skills. 

Two: You are a veteran yoga teacher looking for support and accountability in your work. 

In some cases all those layers I mentioned above feel like tedious hoops and ladders, but they actually support the integrity in the field. Why do we not have this manner of supervision in the yoga industry? I ask. This is my attempt at raising the bar of the yoga industry.  Somatic Therapeutic Mentorship offers experienced yoga teachers professional supervision as an additional layer of accountability and integrity in their career.  You have a lot on your plate. You want to generate creative ideas for your business. You want eyes and ears for help manifesting your dreams. You are sometimes overwhelmed, feel isolated and want support for the support you offer others.  You are a teacher, facilitator or studio owner and need consultation. 

Three: Your are a yoga teacher or student and you have reached an emotional impasse

Yoga practice often surfaces aspects of yourself worth investigating alongside a guiding witness. Such intimate work provides you the chance to repair tender parts of yourself and meet the edges of your current yoga practice at the emotional level, enriching your life off the mat. Often there can be gaps between who you are on the mat and who you are in your life. I can help you close those gaps. All too often I see yogis assumed to be a master of interpersonal skills and relationship dynamics, but in reality they have more than a few skeletons in the closet. Somatic Therapeutic Mentorship for all yogis is a place and time to lay down your burdens of shame, guilt and doubt. It is a space to learn more authentic communication and relationship skills, to unwind your personal traumas and to find new and creative ways to show up ever more fully as yourself. It is perfect for those struggling with a specific issue such as anxiety, disordered eating behavior, divorce, or big changes in life or spirituality. 


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