JANUARY 25-28 2018

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Explore a rich territory to ensure your classes are as psychologically sound and accessible as possible. Whether you are new to teaching yoga or an expert in the field, this course will serve you on your path towards clarity and depth in your teaching, radical responsibility taking, and the dismantling of the less than savory trends emergent in our current field. 

The psychotherapeutic tools and somatic psychology principles presented will serve you in teaching classes that transform and educate in combination with any style of yoga. 

Our time together will address all areas of the yoga classroom: setup, accessibility and equity, teacher student relationships, adjustments and ethical use of touch, demos, verbal and nonverbal contact, the purpose of theming and potential use of music, personal presence and resourcing, attention and awareness skills. 

The tough questions and critical topics we will investigate include:

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  • How do we convey the teachings of both traditional and contemporary yoga in ways that are accessible for the western psyche? 

  • How do we create healthy and safe containers for students to experience themselves and the yoga? How do we increase the likelihood that learning can actually happen in a psychologically safe way?

  • How do we handle dual relationships in an ethical way?

  • How do we use music well, effectively, and ethically if at all? 

  • How do we use ourselves as a teaching unto itself? 

  • How might we cultivate safety for ALL students. 

  • What is ethical touch? How do we use touch in our classes to heal and help and honor boundaries and self sufficiency.

  • How do we theme classes in non projective ways that still inspire.

  • How to create healthy contact with students.

  • How to handle projections, demystify the pedestal and the guru complex, and cultivate the self sufficiency of the student. 

  • How to make a kick ass demo without intimidating or ingratiating students.

  • How do we build ethical relationships inside and outside the classroom.

  • How to build healthy communities.

  • How to assess and maintain our Scope of Practice.



Nitty Gritty

DATES: Thursday January 25th- Sunday January 28th

DAYS AND TIMES: Thursday-Sunday 9am-5pm (Sunday will end by 3)


LOCATION: The School for Ecstatic Unfoldment in NW Boulder. (address, parking and grounds details provided after enrollment)

Childcare Available upon request with additional fee. Please email to inquire.





8:45-9:15am Arrive and settle in. Stretch. Breath. Welcome

9:15-10:30am Lecture presentation of days work

10:50-12:30pm Asana

12:30-2pm Lunch

2-5pm Lecture, Group and Dyad work, Skills practice