Applied Psychology for Yogis Advanced Intensive.

Utilizing Somatic Countertransference in Teaching.

Friday April 13th- Sunday April 15th

Across the board I hear from many of you that you are deeply interested in the educational and even therapeutic and healing usages of Somatic Counter Transference in teaching yoga. 

This is a naturally occurring phenomenon most people simplify in calling intuition. It is a function of your bodies capacity to resonate in the presence of another. You feel in your body sensations and feelings that link back to the experience of the other. Truly, this is one of my favorite topics! I have also come to see it as a distinguishing features in my own teaching. It took me years to realize this is what I was actually doing and being directed by in my choices throughout any class. The skillful usage of this exquisite process of resonance is a beautiful way somatic psychology and yoga teaching marry. 

I have gathered from our time together that you want more…more juice, more rubber-meets-the-road, more applications and direct transmission and connection. 

I invite you to come be together in intimate space with me in Boulder. 

Our time will include asana, lecture, discussion and lots of practice teaching and dyad work. We will go into the features of Somatic Counter Transference through theory, process and practice. Meaning, we will learn about it, investigate it and practice with it. 

My hope is that this takes your learning in Applied Psychology for Yogis to a whole other level. I feel rather confident it will change your teaching to a level that is more nuanced, less projective, more immediate and in the moment. I want you to feel confident and humbled. I want you to change the field be being ever more yourselves. I want to sit in the same room with you and deepen together individually and collectively. 

We also have some optional additions you can join in on like food, dance and hiking. If you have kids and need childcare we can easily arrange that too.


Nitty Gritty:


April 13-April 15



Friday and Saturday 9am- 5pm

Sunday 9am-3pm




LOCATION: The School for Ecstatic Unfoldment in NW Boulder. (address, parking and grounds details provided after enrollment)

Childcare Available upon request with additional fee. Please email to inquire.